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How to Defeat Menacing Dust Mites Throughout Your Home

Dust Mite Cause Allergy

In 1964, household dust mites were identified as a major source of allergies. The major source of the allergen that causes irritation from dust mites is fecal matter and the remains of dead mites.

After inhalation, as much as 15% of the population shows sensitivity to dust mite allergen. The common dust mite can be found in almost every environment capable of supporting plant and animal life. They are simple creatures that receive the majority of their nutritional needs from dead human skin scales which are shed daily.

In the average home, the highest concentration of dust mites can be found in areas that you come in contact with every day – your mattresses and upholstered furniture. As many as 2,000,000 live mites may inhabit the average mattress. With the average pillow, 30% of its weight is comprised of dead human skins scales and the dust mite allergen. Can you imagine how much heavier your mattress has become?

Several recent studies have been performed to study the results of allergen removal through routine carpet and mattress cleaning. Each of these studies has shown that professional cleaning to remove dust mite allergens is effective.

In a study by the University of South Florida College of Medicine found that the effectiveness of routine maintenance in lowering dust mite allergen levels, dust mite allergen levels were reduced by an average of 92% with each routine carpet cleaning. Allergen levels were tracked throughout the study period with a regular carpet care program in effect. Allergen levels, which were considered quite high at the beginning of the study continued to decline throughout the study period and gradually increased only after regular carpet care had been discontinued.

The same results were found in a Johns Hopkins University study that showed that mite population and allergen levels decreased by 90% or more by cleaning mattresses and pillow covers. Trained professional cleaners have the equipment and technical skill to reach these levels. Many over-the-counter household products often fall short and leave undesirable odors in your mattress and bedding.

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